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Fäkale Wurm Ei Analyse

Analyse is an action granted by the prospecting skill. When used on recently mined rock shardsor even oresit allows you to determine if any ore veins are nearby the tile the shard was mined more info, as well as their approximate distance and direction from that tile. The action is first unlocked at prospecting skill level 20, and requires a premium account to perform.

To Analyse, right-click a rock shards, and select "Analyse. You are unable to work out how to analyse the shard.

It looks like someone has tampered with the rock shards and therefore you decide not to analyse it. Also appears if part of the shards have been used to make something or used in improving. The rock shards looks too old for a decent analysis click therefore you decide not to analyse it. Depending on your prospecting skill, you will receive different amounts of information from the shard. Nearby ores will appear as traces every few lines.

The strength of the traces shows the distance from the fäkale Wurm Ei Analyse the shard originated from, to the tile with the ore vein. The level of your prospecting skill will determine the strength of the traces you can detect. Additionally, at higher prospecting levels, you can begin to see the quality of veins. Veins farther away require more skill in order to assess the quality. Rather than a specific quality, it lists a range of quality.

This is the same vein quality system used in prospecting. By the most new experiments done at 20 skill in fäkale Wurm Ei Analyseit looks like the more distance the ore is fäkale Wurm Ei Analyse, the more difficult is to determine what its. A message like [xx: Anyway, such given message does not mean that there is an ore beyond that point and if there is, at that lvl of skill its imposible to fäkale Wurm Ei Analysebut that there is an ore in the given radius.

It also looks like different kinds of ore have their own werden Würmer die angezeigt nicht dem aus for being detected.

So, since the message from above has been given at 20 prospecting skill and with a Silver Veinthe message [xx: So far, for now, Silver and Lead are not identificable at 20 skill in Prospecting, but Zinc is when its beyond the 1st tile radius.

In addition to type, quality and distance of the veinfäkale Wurm Ei Analyse direction is available from the analyze messages if you have a compass in fäkale Wurm Ei Analyse inventory. The direction is given as one of 16 possible values:.

The distance one is the square of tiles immediately surrounding the analysed one. Each increment of distance beyond this is fäkale Wurm Ei Analyse square of tiles immediately surrounding the previous one. In this example the second Würmer in Wachteln, of distance two, holds the iron ore. Prospecting skill needed to view type of ore: Prospecting skill needed to view quality of ore: Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

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