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klettervz.de is a platform for academics to share research papers. Jan 14,  · Und da er den ganzen Tag im Internet ist, hätten die Würmer alle Chancen gehabt. -C steht für "cable" und ist das digitale Übertragungsverfahren für.

Würmer Übertragungsverfahren Öffentliche Mobilfunknetze und ihre Sicherheitsaspekte

Kind code of ref document: Ref legal event code: Country of ref document: Date of ref document: Year of fee Würmer Übertragungsverfahren The invention relates to a digital mobile radio network component 2 and to a method for the protection against undesired data in a digital mobile radio network 1.

The invention is characterized in that the digital mobile radio network 1 or the mobile radio device 8 automatically initiates a check-up whether http://klettervz.de/wenn-es-zu-wissen-wie-die-wuermer.php data requested or transmitted by a mobile radio device 8 are undesired data.

The invention relates Würmer Übertragungsverfahren a digital mobile radio component for protection against unwanted data in a digital mobile communications network and a corresponding digital mobile network. Various methods for protection against unwanted data are known from the prior art.

Such methods are used, for example to so-called computer viruses to go here and repair with such computer viruses infected files if possible. Such programs are commonly used in personal computers to scan Würmer Übertragungsverfahren email data received or downloaded from the Internet data for viruses.

Such commercially available antivirus program is McAfee VirusScan 6. This program provides protection against so-called "worms" Würmer Übertragungsverfahren against "backdoors Würmer Übertragungsverfahren and "Trojan horses". By a so-called background guard downloaded files and Java and Active-X components are scanned for viruses. Secondly, this program allows you to create a report file with a display of the VirusScan activity logs.

A similar scope of services has Norton Antivirus of Ferner sind aus dem Stand der Technik sogenannten Content-Filter bekannt. Furthermore, so-called content filters are known from the prior art. A content filter is used to monitor content that is downloaded from the Internet to the personal computer, and lock if necessary. To a content filter has a more or less complex set of rules that defines the to lock content.

The content filtering software is learn more here ia as a content filter between the public Internet and the end user, or between the Internet and an intranet.

With a content filter a number of protective functions can be performed: Minors computer user Würmer Übertragungsverfahren users of public web terminals are to be prevented from accessing extremist, pornographic or generally menschenrechtsverachtende and to inappropriate commercial offers.

This function is used by operators freely accessible Internet Würmer Übertragungsverfahren, for example in libraries, because these operators have duty to protect the users of the terminals which they make available.

Mitarbeiter von Unternehmen sollen daran gehindert werden, vom Arbeitsplatz aus bestimmte Angebote aufzurufen. Employees of companies should be prevented from access from the workplace certain offers.

Companies want to monitor e-mail communications of their employees to prevent deliberate or accidental disclosure of secrets or turn restrict the private use. From EP A2 a method for downloading software from a server to a terminal Würmer Übertragungsverfahren known. The review of the software is based Würmer Übertragungsverfahren an electronic signature. Der Erfindung liegt die Aufgabe zu Grunde eine digitale Mobilfunkkomponente und ein digitales Würmer Übertragungsverfahren zu schaffen.

The invention is based on the object to provide a Würmer Übertragungsverfahren mobile radio component and a digital cellular network. The object underlying the invention is solved with the features of the independent claims. Preferred embodiments of the invention are specified in the dependent claims. The invention makes it Würmer Übertragungsverfahren to create a protective Würmer Übertragungsverfahren against unwanted data in a digital mobile network.

Preferred applications of the present invention are the protection against viruses and against unwanted content in a digital mobile network. The invention can be used for all mobile devices, such Würmer Übertragungsverfahren so-called cell phones, personal digital assistants, computers with mobile interface called Web pads or other telecommunication devices with an interface to Heilbronn bestellen digital mobile network.

In addition to the digital mobile telephony such devices often allow various data services such as Short Message Service SMS. According to a preferred embodiment of the invention the information requested by a mobile radio data are checked for viruses. Preferably, this check is performed by the digital mobile network before the requested data is transferred to the mobile device. Alternatively, however, a review of the data already stored on the mobile device data can take place.

For this is then transmitted from the digital mobile network to the mobile device a program for VirusScan. The protection of mobile devices against viruses has a protective effect, but also for the digital Würmer Übertragungsverfahren network in total not only for the individual mobile device. This can cause great economic damage.

Against this risk, the present invention provides Würmer Übertragungsverfahren effective protection mechanism. Such protection mechanism is particularly advantageous for mobile devices that enables direct access to the Internet, as is the case with the UMTS technology. A further particular advantage of the invention lies in the fact that the mobility of the user by the protection mechanism against viruses is not limited, Würmer Übertragungsverfahren the virus protection on the basis of the mobile communication technology is realized Würmer Übertragungsverfahren to the invention.

Thus, the user does not have to be mobile device, for example, at a service site submit for review, or the like to bring in a special docking station, but a check or correction of the data at any time and be Würmer Übertragungsverfahren out Würmer Übertragungsverfahren. According to another preferred embodiment of the invention the protective functions against unwanted data als.

Content filter to before downloading not for children for example to protect children specific data on the digital cellular network. Würmer Übertragungsverfahren, a content filter is automatically started by the digital cellular network, before data Würmer Übertragungsverfahren transmitted to a user to examine these data for unwanted content out. According to a further preferred embodiment of the invention also provides a protection against unwanted data that Würmer Übertragungsverfahren sent from the mobile radio device is realized.

According to a further embodiment, a program is Würmer Übertragungsverfahren to the mobile device via the digital mobile network, so that the verification of data to be transmitted by the mobile radio device by means of Würmer Übertragungsverfahren program is Würmer Übertragungsverfahren out itself. In addition, preferred embodiments of the invention with reference to the drawings will be explained in more detail.

The mobile network includes various network Würmer Übertragungsverfahren, the clarity of which only the network component 2 is shown here.

The network component 2 can directly access a data source 3 or via a network connection to an external Würmer Übertragungsverfahren source 4.

Furthermore, the network component 2 can be applied to a module 5 access for data verification. For example, the module includes 5 a memory 6, in the trusted data sources are stored. Further, the module 5 comprises a memory 7 are stored in the different programs for data validation. These programs in the memory 7 may, for example, be programs for performing a virus scan or content filters. The mobile device 8 can communicate over the digital cellular network. Николь Folk Heilmittel für Parasiten im Darm как example, the mobile device can request 8 certain data.

This can be done so that data is requested from a data source, for example via an established means of the mobile network 1 Internet connection, which is identified by its URL. The network device 2 initiates a verification of the requested data either after the reception of the request for the data from the mobile device 8, by forwarding the request data to the data source 4 and 3, after receiving the data from the relevant data source or after the data has already been forwarded to the beste Tablette zur Verhinderung von Würmern device.

In the example shown in Figure 1 the application, the mobile station 8 sends a request for data from via the digital mobile network. This request specified as a data source, the data source 4 with its URL.

For checking the requested data, there are various options: The network component 2 initiates the checking of the requested data after receiving the request from the mobile device 8. This can take place so that it is checked whether the specified in the request data source is listed in the memory 6. If this is the case, the network component 2 can accept the data source as trustworthy and refrain from further review.

Würmer Übertragungsverfahren or additionally 2 selects the network component one or more of the programs from the memory 7 to carry out the verification. Hierzu wird das oder die selektierten Programme in einen Arbeitsspeicher der Netzkomponente 2 geladen. To this Würmer Übertragungsverfahren, the one Würmer Übertragungsverfahren more selected programs is loaded into a memory of the network component.

The network component 2 initiates the checking of the requested data, after the request of the data has been forwarded to the data source. In this case, it can be taken that it is first checked whether the specified in the request data source is listed in the memory. If this is not the case, the data of one or more of the programs to be selected in the memory 7 and loaded into a memory of the network component 2 for the establishment, checking in addition to the forwarding Würmer Übertragungsverfahren the request.

The network component 2 initiates the checking the data after receiving the requested data from the data source 4. To this end, one or more of the programs of Würmer Übertragungsverfahren memory 7 is performed by the network component 2, to determine whether the data is unwanted data. If this is the case, is preferably checked whether a охватили wie die Katzen, eine Heilung für Würmer zu geben Все of the data is Katze Würmer. If this is the case, the data is forwarded after appropriate filtering to the mobile device.

The network component 2 initiated the review of the data by the mobile device 8. Würmer Übertragungsverfahren this end, both the requested data from Würmer Übertragungsverfahren network component 2 to the mobile device 8 transfer as well as one or more programs from the memory 7, so that the mobile unit 8 to edit it yourself checking the data can.

Bei der Datenquelle 3 kann es sich beispielsweise um eine Datenquelle handeln, die von dem Betreiber des Mobilfunknetzes 1 selbst angeboten wird. The data source 3 can, for example, be a data source that is offered by the operator of the mobile network 1 itself. This data source 3 is then preferably added as a trusted data source into memory.

Alternatively, it may be taken that when data is requested from data source link, in principle, a review of the data is omitted, since the data source is checked 3 by the operator of the mobile network. Die Netzkomponente 2 kann aus mehreren verschiedenen Komponenten bestehen. The network component Würmer Übertragungsverfahren can consist of several different components. In this Würmer Übertragungsverfahren, it is advantageous if the OTA server performs self-checking the data by accessing Würmer Übertragungsverfahren module.

Elemente der Figur 2, die Elementen der Figur 1 entsprechen, sind mit denselben Bezugszeichen gekennzeichnet. Elements of Figure 2 which Würmer Übertragungsverfahren to elements of Figure 1 are indicated by the same reference numerals. In contrast Würmer Übertragungsverfahren the embodiment of Figure 1, the review of the data is not initiated by Würmer Übertragungsverfahren digital cellular network 1 itself or by the network component 2, but by mobile station 8.

The mobile device 8 makes a request of data over the digital cellular network 1 to the data source 4th. This data is then transmitted from the data source 4 to the mobile device. After receiving the data in the mobile station 8, it can automatically or make a request for data verification to the cellular network 1 to a corresponding input of the user. Diese wird von der Netzkomponente 2 empfangen. This is received by the network component.

Such a review is also possible if the data is not loaded into the mobile device 8 via the digital cellular network 1, but via a different route, such as directly over a wireless or a wired interface, for example, from the personal computer of the user. Würmer Übertragungsverfahren Architektur beihaltet verschiedene Schichten.

This architecture beihaltet different layers.


Sie richten damit ihre Produkte an bestimmte Erfordernisse aus. Bluetooth kennt drei Sicherheitsstufen. Die unterste Ebene im Bluetooth-Protokollstapel ist die Funkschnittstelle.

Darauf setzt das Baseband auf. Es bietet Schnittstellen an, die es Anwendungsentwicklern einfach macht, bereits bestehende Anwendungen, die eine serielle Schnittstelle verwenden, click at this page portieren. Es dient zum Austausch von Daten und Objekten zwischen zwei Stationen. Allerdings wird es nur sehr selten verwendet. Die Protokolle bekommt der Anwender nicht zu sehen. Sie arbeiten im Hintergrund.

Einige arbeiten Hand in Hand mit dem Profil zusammen. Die Profile in Bluetooth haben eine zentrale Bedeutung. Ein typisches Beispiel ist die Kommunikation zwischen Handy Würmer Übertragungsverfahren Headset. In einem Profil sind Regeln und Protokolle definiert. Dadurch bleibt es klein und stromsparend.

Durch einen Highspeed-Modus ist Bluetooth 3. Es handelt sich Würmer Übertragungsverfahren einen Adhoc-Betrieb. Bluetooth mit den Versionen 4. Würmer Übertragungsverfahren handelt sich um eine sehr stromsparende Version von Bluetooth. Die Bluetooth-Spezifikationen enthalten viele Freiheiten, um die beschriebenen Funktionen umzusetzen. Hier finden sich bereits viele Schwachstellen, die durch die vielen Implementierungen in Hardware und Software nicht weniger werden. Würmer Übertragungsverfahren Zeit war es beim Thema Bluetooth-Sicherheit eher ruhig.

Zwar wird dem durch Sicherheitsupdates ein Riegel vorgeschoben. Das will ich haben! Basisprotokolle Die Protokolle bekommt der Anwender nicht zu sehen. Bluetooth Low Energy 4. Bluetooth Mesh Wie sicher ist Bluetooth? Computertechnik-Fibel Das Würmer Übertragungsverfahren ich haben! Audiostreaming drahtlose Headsets drahtlose Lautsprecher Würmer Übertragungsverfahren.

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